Hair accessories

Keeping up with the times: Years of know-how gathered in the hair accessories market and an extra-sensitive nose for trends are the formula for the Solida team’s success. In our collections, we pick up on current fashion trends and shake up the accessories market with our hair accessories.

y.e.s. fashion

Velvet, metallic-plissé & shades of gold have become indispensable in the fashion metropolis. For our current y.e.s. autumn/winter collection we have chosen the best pieces from styles recently seen on the hottest runways in the fashion world.

hair clips theme

Make impression: the Solida (mini-)hair clips with imitation leather, velvet or a shiny finish. Perfect for braided hairstyles or up-dos and available in two different sizes.

metallic theme

Shimmering or matte – hair accessories in leaf-shapes shine in golden nuances and welcome the chilly autumn months. Thanks to our y.e.s. hair fashion pieces, top-trends can easily be created.  

plissé theme

They instantly give you a fashionable touch: our head bands with plissé pleats in metallic IN-colors. Whether gold, rosé or bronze – everyone will find his favorite piece in this stylish collection.

velvet theme

The must-have material of the season? Definitely: still our classy velvet fabrics, available as hair ties, barrettes and head bands.


Our multifaceted y.e.s. sporty hair accessories are perfect for an active lifestyle. The workout accessories keep your hair out of your eyes during gymnastics, yoga and jogging. Only practical? Not at all – these hair accessories also look really modern!

Rubberized items

Guarantees the perfect hold: This Solida hair accessories line features rubber refinements and non-slip function. Available in trend shades and in the standard colours brown and black.

Twin Fit

The versatile Twin Fit hairgrip by Solida keeps a perfect balance between sportiness, function and a modern look. Thanks to the worldwide patented, non-slip design, the hair clips gently secure your hair whilst you are active. The metal-free, extremely lightweight hair accessories and the rubber hinge provide extra comfort. Depending on your taste, we have the smart all-round talent with fashionable patterns or the classic design in brown and black.

Hairbands & ponytail ties

Do you never want to have hair falling into your eyes during workout again? In that case, a Solida rubber ponytail tie or a hairband are the ideal choice. In spite of their functionality and a high level of comfort, these hair accessories feature a modern look and conjure up great hairstyles. The hairbands and the rubber ponytail tie with securing rubber coating on the inside are completely sporty and at the same time gentle on the hair.

Emma Power Tie

Does not pull or slip: Our patented hair accessory, the “Emma Power Tie” with double rubber band makes the creation of almost any ponytail hairstyle possible. Due to the use of selected quality threads with fifty percent elastane, this product is almost sure not to wear out or break. Cool: The rubber hair band “Emma Power Tie” is available in many great trend colour shades.


With our hair accessories for children, we place particular value on quality, easy handling and a high trend factor. As everyone knows: kids want to look sweet & cool, whilst mummy wants to keep things quick and simple in her usually-stressful everyday life!

The princess look

For little princesses: The Solida children’s hair accessories give every hairstyle that special touch and keep wisps of hair out of the face. Decorative braided hairstyles are currently right on trend; highlighted by our sugar-sweet products, these really catch the eye! Styling fun is guaranteed to stay that way long-term using our accessories for hair!

Alice bands

Alice bands and hairbands are only suitable for mummy? No! They are ideal for taming children’s hair quickly and give every outfit a trendy twist. Submerge yourself into our world of children's accessories and develop lovingly-selected hair accessories with many great colour designs and patterns …

Ponytail holder

Ponytail holders are really popular with kids! The integrated elastic band is particularly pleasant to wear and keeps even fine hair away from the face. Sweet motifs make the rubber ponytail ties the new accessory favourites. Summary: The must-have for every mummy who likes to complete their child’s outfit with a little decoration.

License articles

Invites you to dream: Our sweet little hair accesories with topical license themes bring TV heroes and other popular Disney characters that little bit closer to your children.


Collaborations with established department stores and renowned drugstores mean that our team can look back on years of experience in the hair accessories trade. An important component of this is our professional basics which are characterised by their high quality standards and constant further development.

Rubber ponytail ties

EVERYONE knows about it, EVERYONE wears it: The rubber ponytail tie represents the evergreen amongst the hair accessories. Especially on bad hair days, they are easily able to tame that wild hair. Hair bun or ponytail? Basic look or an updo, ready to go out? With the right rubber ponytail tie, you can achieve lots of modern hairstyles.

Bead assortment

Hair beads are timeless, glamourous companions for casual and festive occasions. By day, the bead jewellery enhances any office and off-duty look – and in the evening, it matches harmoniously with an elegant evening wardrobe look. In our range you can discover everything with a sophisticated bead finish – from hairgrips right up to hair clips, curlies and Alice bands.


Our Basic line in clever mini-formats has products ready for almost any length of hair and all hair colours. From Click-Clacks right up to mini-hair clips or small hairgrips, the Solida mini versions belong in every collection of accessories.


Good to know: Our basic range of patent hairgrips comprises products from France and accessories containing no metal at all (particularly important for those suffering from allergies).

Hair clips

Hair clips in diverse designs from the main part of our basic range. And you can be certain: here EVERYONE can find the appropriate hairgrip – no matter whether you have fine, voluminous, shorter or long hair.

Bel Hair

Hairpieces are no longer an exotic item – the opposite is the case – we now see them worn with self-confidence both in everyday life and in the world of womens fashion. It doesnt always have to be a special occasion to enhance your hair with Bel Hair. At the offic, during an after-work party or at a dinner, the hairpieces permit you to generate completely new hairstyles, and it is impossible to distinguish them from real hair. Thanks to our wide range of colour shades, you are sure to find the right hairpiece or the perfect hair extension.

Hair plaits

Completely realistic: Our modern, braided artificial hair with smart clip function and soft haptics cleverly create extra length.

Rubber ponytail ties

Discreet & stylish at the same time: Our rubber ponytail ties with elastic band and soft, plaited artificial hair. The mini hairpiece immediately gives ponytails and hair buns a magical effect. Designed to round off wedding hairstyles and leisure-time hairstyles in a modern way.


Our width-adjustable hairbands and rubber ponytail ties made from highly-realistic artificial hair add refinement within seconds – whether in fishbone look or a French plait!

Alice bands

An artistic styling trick: Using the Solida Alice bands in plaited real hair-look, you can turn your hairstyles into trend-orientated eye-catchers. Looks amazing both as an everyday highlight or as a bridal decoration for your hair.


Léganza hair accessories enchant in a unique manner and represent a large bandwidth of highly-modern accessories. Particular love of detail, selected materials and a real feeling for fashion trends have for many years now guarateed the success of our internationally-successful hair accessories collections.

Fashionable hair accessories

Casual-chic in the office, sophisticated for a festive occassion of hip for a party? Our Léganza hair accessories leave an unbelievable number of styling options open. Enhance your outfit with a discreet hair accessory or skilfully draw attention to yourself with conspicuous hair jewellery – you are free to choose …

Sophisticated Strass hair accessories

Glamourous Strass decorations: In the festive Léganza hair accessories line, diamond-like Strass stones compete with applications in sapphire and amethyst looks. Strass-decorated hair clips, hair grips and Alice bands set highlights and make your look shine out.

Horn hair accessories

Handmade & unique: The Solida hair accessories made from sophisticated horn radiate particular charm and have long advanced to become connoisseur pieces. All the working steps are conducted carefully by hand – in this way every hair accessory is given a unique look in terms of shape and colour. And by the way: horn, as a natural product, is anti-static and allergen-free.

Rhodoid hair accessories

The casual-chic to elegant hair accessories series by our premium brand Léganza is produced from high-quality rhodoid. The top-seller nuances Tokyo-light, Toky-dark and onyx represent essential evergreens. In terms of comfort, these hair accessories stand out due to their particularly smooth quality. The reason? In oder to avoid sharp edges, every single piece is re-polished by hand.

Alexandre de Paris

The exclusive hair accessories from France are produced and refined by hand in our own Atelier. From classics right up to couture bijouxs, the hair accessory creations exemplify pure luxury and radite French elegance.

„May Beauty always be your companion“
Alexandre de Paris

Brushes and combs MADE IN FRANCE

Ideal for professional and personal requirements: Alexandre de Paris hair care products make every step, from styling right up to care, a luxurious spa experience – whether with a hand-polished comb or a brush! The round brush and flat brush portfolio made from natural wild boar bristles cares perfectly for short to long hair, whilst the massage brushes with nylon bristles and nubs can even gently detangle wet hair. Thanks to the varying teeth arrangements, we have the perfect comb for everyone.

Top-seller Pince Vendôme

What makes Pince Vendôme a bestseller? Its 18 carat gold coating looks sophisticated and guarantees maximum comfort. And the finish? Sparkling Swarovski crystals decorate some of these hair clips, but they are also available in a casual and simple look in the basic design. Pure colour diversity: the hair accessories are available in classic and glossy colours or in watercolours and mother of pearl nuances.

Collection classics

With his classic line, Alexandre de Paris celebrated the excellence of French artwork: Every single hair accessory is produced by hand, with maximum attention paid to quality and comfort. From the cut, right up to the selection of the most splendid Swarovski crystals, the world-famous hair couture label places great value on perfection.

Limited Edition

A luxurious alternative to jewellery: Twice per year, Alexandre de Paris launches a Limited Edition collection – inspired by haute couture and Art Déco fashion trends, right up to Belle Époque or romantic-style gardens. Talented artisans breathe life into the visions of the designer in the form of premium hair accessories.