Styling & Beauty

Our diverse Styling & Beauty range comprises hairbrushes, combs, mirrors, cosmetic products and much more.

Combs & brushes

All about hair: Would you like to achieve gentle care and great styling results? This is super-easy with a comb or brush by Solida and some smart hair care tips!


Our range has the perfect comb or ideal brush for all hairdressing requirements, all hair types and all hair lengths. Larger brushes such as the paddle brush are perfect for medium-length to long hair. The skeleton brush permits effective volume hair styling whilst the round brush smoothes out hair or gives it immaculate curls.

Michel Mercier brushes

The Michel Mercier detangling brush guarantees fast and pleasant combing without pulling. The 428 bristles in 32 different lengths and 16 thicknesses easily detangle the brush very gently.

Wood & wild boar bristle brushes

Linked with nature and very gentle: Our popular brushes made from FSC®-certified wood from responsible forestry management. Look for FSC® certified products. Thanks to the varying models and brushes, we have the right wooden brush or the perfect wooden comb for everyone. We recommend our wild boar bristle brushes as a top product for intensive hair care.

pop up

The must-have when underway: Our handbag brushes in many different shapes and continuously changing trendy colour shades. They are quickly to hand and suitable for short hairstyles and long hairstyles.


The right comb for every look? No problem! The diverse Solida range comprises both classics such as the pocket comb or the styling comb as well as refined hairstyle highlights such as the foldable pin handle comb. Our hair care products unite diverse shapes with colours ranging from timeless to modern. Carefully-selected plate material, carbon or basic qualities such as plastic represent comfort and longevity. The cool contract program: Our comb series with colourfully-offset soft touch applications.

Hair & beauty tools

Creating effortlessly modern and classic looks in the blink of an eye? Using these clever hair & beauty tools, trend hairstyles or wedding hairstyles become super-easy!

DIY tools

Our sophisticated DIY hair tools support the creation of hair trends. And the best thing of all? They provide guarantees for optimum hold – in this way, hairstyles work as well as at a professional hairdressers!

Bun pad

Our comfortable bun pads, made in-house, immediately give your look more volume and refinement. Whether for casual-chic or glamourous bun hairstyleshair knots promise that wow effect!

Pins in a box

Everyday hair essentials: Our hair accessories range features a wide selection of hairpins and hair clips – for any length, colour and occasion. And the best thing about that is that they are almost invisible, and cleverly hold updos together.

Hair curlers

The volume-tricksters hair curlers and pin curlers know almost no styling limits. They create curls and waves in an uncomplicated way: comb your hair, roll up strands of hair and secure them – and you are done! With our professional hair curler collection, gentle waves and curls can be produced in any size. These multi-talents are particularly effective with fine or thin hair and are above all gentler than any curling tongs!

Curler Company

Curler Company stands for innovative and patented hair curlers which create beautiful curls in an easy way.

Brush & Curl

The latest invention of Curler Company: Brush & Curl - The mega self-grip roller and circular brush in one. Due to the handle, it is pretty much easier to twist and fix hair strands.  Blow dry your hair, just plug of the handle, leave the curler in to cool down and unwind it gently - done ! Video: Brush & Curl

New Curl

The Idea of NEW CURL is simple and effective. The conical shape of the curler produces a curl that is narrow at the hair-line and becoming wider at the top, which makes the curl look like natural. The eliptic cross-section of the curler forms a narrow wave, which makes the curl longer lasting and gives it more volume. At the same time a wider wave is created, which makes the curl look light and generous.

Mega Therm

Finally the perfect combination of self grip and heat retainer roller. Mega Therm is, with its heat retaining core and the new patented shape, a completely new generation of self grip rollers. Thanks to the raised edges, the curler stays perfectly in place and grips directly to the scalp. This guarantees additionally more hold, elasticity and volume. Tip: With a bigger roller-size, curly hair can also be easily straightened.


Soft roller for modern, jumping curls. Airoller is the ideal curler to achieve a ''not that accurate'' curliness and it is very easy to use. These soft curlers, which are available in many fancy colours, are made of very high-quality foam with improved surface. This guarantees a ''No-Slip-Effect'' at the beginning of the winding process. For all women, who prefer more casual and natural curls.

Mega Magic

Because of the new patented form, with its raised edges and its perforated surface MEGA MAGIC is a complete new generation of self-grip rollers and has many advantages. The raised edges make it much easier to section the hair and while winding-up, the hair strands don't slip over the edges anymore. The roller stays perfectly in place and grips directly at the hair line. The extrem good grip and the air-permeable material of the roller fasten the process of drying and cooling down. The effect is more hold, shine and volume.


PARABOLE is the ideal curler to achieve a „not too accurate“ curliness and is very easy to use. PARABOLE is made of very high-quality foam with improved surface. This guarantees a „no-slip-effect“ at the beginning of the winding process. For bigger curls you can also use 2 rollers per strand of hair. For all women who don‘t want to devide every hairstrand super exactly and who prefer more casual curls. Video: Parabol

Jüma Grip

JÜMAGRIP is the basic self-grip roller from the CURLER COMPANY. These rollers stick without the use of clips or pins. JÜMAGRIP is available in 11 different sizes, for quite small curls up to quite big ones. For smoothing curly hair, we recomment the curlers with the bigger diameters.


NIGHTLINER is a self-grip roller, wich was developed particularly for the night. With its soft foam core, you can sleep confidently with these rollers in your hair, since nothing hurts anymore or presses on the scalp.


Due to its raised edges and perforated surface SENSITIV enables an easy dividing of hair; single hair strands should be winded within the raised edges and the roller grips directly at the hair line. The sensitiv-soft core surface prevents the hair from damage. High air permeability dries up the hair quickly (blow- or hood- SENSITIV can be used in wet or dry hair and achieves hold, shine and volume.


JÜMATHERM is with its patented heat retaining core and its perfect grip a complete new self-grip curler and has a lot of advantages: Due to the heat retaining surface the roller keeps the heat much longer which gives more elasticity and stability. The air-permeable material fastens the warming-up and cooling-down of the hair. This saves a lot of time and allows a fast New-Styling. For hairstyles that need volume. With a bigger roller-size curly hair can also be perfectly straightened.

Mirror, bathroom & co.

Enhance every morning and evening bathroom routine by giving your own four walls a touch of home spa feeling. How? With our bathroom mirror, a nailbrush or a bathroom set.

Solida standing mirror with LED

Enrich your bathrooms and every handbag: The Solida mirror is available from wall mirror format to the little, handy pocket mirror or cosmetic mirror. Depending on requirements, the everyday aids are available in diverse qualities with various magnification effects. Smart!

Konjac sponge

The beauty mutli-talent for every skin type: The konjac sponge has proven a natural miracle for daily cleansing. Its secret? The root-like quality of the Konjac plant permits the natural sponge to cleanse pore-deep without the application of any further cosmetic products. Good to know: 100 % vegan. 100 % biologically degradable. 100 % renewable material. Beauty professionals just love the konjac facial sponge.


Using the Solida nailbrushes, hand care becomes child's play. Every nailbrush lies optimally in your hands, is effective and has a modern design – see for yourself!

Bathroom series

With our carefully harmonised bathroom accessories in selected qualities such as plastic and ceramic, even the smallest of rooms becomes a spa oasis. Particularly popular: our bathroom accessories in a set!


Sophisticated hairdressing products concerning hairstyling – just as suitable for professional hairdressers as for all those wishing to realise their own hairstyling trends.


Our wide range of commodities are orientated on the high demands of daily hairdressing business (washing, cutting, colouring and hairstyling). What is special about the Solida hairdressing cape? The in-house production facilitates us to cater for individual customer requirements. The materials and sizes are flexible. Special service: Our favourites can be embroidered and printed.

Knot pad

The hair knot – an ingenious trick: pull the bun pad over your ponytail. Drape the hair and fix your hair bun with hairgrips. The result? Every updo is given glamourous volume through this knot pad. And it is just a spossible to form a side roll using the knot pad – to guarantee pure hairdressing diversity!

Patent hook closures

Almost every hairdressing cape features the double patent hook closure. Exclusively for you: We are happy to produce your commodities individually!

Hairdressing veils and caps

Hairdressing veils and caps provide optimum protection during permanent waves etc. These products come in different materials, designs and shaped (triangular or cap form). We place particular value on quality, function and style – both during purchase and for every veil and cap from our in-house production.